Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ignoring Jiminy Cricket

I was contemplating this for awhile now. My husband even said, "Go for it". It was 8:30 on a Sunday night, when I decided it was time. Time to go brunette. I used the same hair color mixture I always use from Sally's Beauty Supply. I got the instructions years ago from my hair stylist and every time I followed them the color turned out perfect, just the right shade of a brownish, auburn. This time however, was completely different...

First, I have to say that I had this "gnawing in my gut feeling" not to do it. The "Jiminy Cricket" opposing my husband's "Go for it!" encouragement. Unfortunately, I ignored the little cricket. What happened next? I had the color all mixed in the bottle, I squeezed it onto my hair with the pointed lid. I noticed the color was coming out slower than normal, but I proceeded anyway. When, to my dismay, the pressure became so great from me squeezing the bottle...when all the sudden- BANG! The lid popped off! Brown, smelly hair color exploded all over the entire bathroom. It was so strong it made my eyes burn to the point of tears! It was on the door, the walls, the bathroom rug, my pretty shower curtain, and even the carpet outside the bathroom!

Jiminy wasn't whispering anymore, he was screaming, "I told you so! You shouldn't have done it!" After a feeble attempt to clean up the mess (thankfully my husband helped!) I waited the 45 min for the hair color to set. Unfortunately, with half the stuff all over the bathroom I didn't have quite enough color to smear all over my hair. What was the result? My hair turned out significantly darker than I had ever wanted. And to my dismay, there were chunky, bits of blonde peaking through. Moral of the story, don't ignore the little cricket. Thankfully, I have a friend who is a hair dresser. She told me how to fix the randomness of color on my head. Sadly, my bathroom now needs a makeover, a new rug, a new shower curtain, and the walls need a fresh coat of paint. What girls do for beauty!

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Sarah Dee said...

I'm going to be scared to dye my hair now!
that won't stop me though! mwahaha!