Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soley Sentimental

Cribs, swings, strollers, and baby bathrobes, just how long is a newborn baby going to wear a bathrobe anyway? Babies R Us, Baby Depot, and even Target shout, "Buy from us; we have the best deals!" What do we new parents really need for a newborn? Good question! Let's start with the basic necessities: Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields is a must read before any new parent contemplating on wether to buy a $700 crib. This book is packed full of useful information on how to find things for the best deal possible. What is really needed, and what isn't- like that bathrobe! (Unless you want a cute picture of her in it after her first bath, solely sentimental).

I am trying my very best to not get stressed about all the things I don't have for my newborn. I know God will provide. For the moment we have a crib, a carseat coming our way! Two essentials! And don't forget the closet full of diapers. As for a mattress pad, baby finger nail clippers, a diaper bag, a newborn baby tub seat...etc. Well, we will have to make due.


EmeliaRo said...

This probably sounds terrible but I never used the baby nail clippers... too easy to clip their delicate skin... but instead, since their nails are so thin when they're small, I bit them off... the broke right at the right length and I never drew any blood :) (they actually peel off pretty easily as well)

Annie K said...

Yeah, i am finding this out. I actually drew blood and made her cry when I tried to trim her thumb nail a few weeks ago! Terrible!!