Friday, October 17, 2008

Is it Just Pregnancy Hormones?

I went to the Shell gas station I swore I NEVER would go to again. But gas was only $2.49 there, so could you blame me? (It's sad when we think $2.49 is a great deal; remember the days when it was more than half that?) For starters the pump would not automatically stay running. I had to hold it. That was okay until the pump shut off every time I tried to make it pump faster, EVERY time. I had to barely push it to get the fuel to come out. I stood there and watched the numbers crawl along until it finally reached 7 gal, the pump stopped again, and I just gave up. It's full enough, I thought. Then the credit card machine proceeds to tell me 'See Attendant'. Great! I have to go inside this dingy little gas station where the same creepy little man works (he's the reason I swore, in the first place, to never come back). I get to the counter and sure enough- there he is. He's ignoring me while I'm standing there. I finally have to speak up to get his attention. I tell him the situation. Finally he gives me my receipt and mumbles something about the pump not working. He doesn't say thank you and neither do I.

In order to cool off I think a shake from McDonald's sounds good. Until I hear:

"Our ice cream machine is broken," McDonald's girl responds, rudely.

Arg! It's off to IHOP, they're next door, they may or may not serve ice cream. I don't know. I walk in. This really scary old lady with a droopy eye and braided hair looks at me and says,

"Call in?" as soon as I walk in the door.

I tell her no, and ask if they have shakes. She looks down at my preggo belly and says she will make me one. I sit down a wait for a few minutes. She comes back and says,

"We don't sell them anymore."

By this point I am exasperated. What does a pregnant chick with cravings have to do to get a shake on her lunch break?

I have one more option before I have to be back at work. Village Inn. Village Inn satisfied my craving of waffles-to-go, one afternoon. The lady behind the counter was extremely friendly, too. I walk in and ask the man if they have chocolate shakes. A yellow light and hallelujah chorus resounds as he tells me they do! Moral of the story, if you really want a shake be willing to go to three different places. It was all worth it. The shake was great; even if it was almost $4!

Until next time.


EmeliaRo said...

I bought gas for $1.72 today. :)

Anonymous said...
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