Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mee-Meuw Milk

She puts her clothes in the dresser drawers, she throws little pieces of paper in the trash, she wants dirt or anything off her hands ASAP, she even puts dirty washcloths on the floor back into the kitchen drawer! She takes a rag and helps clean the glass on the tabletop. She's Mommy's little helper! It's the most rewarding experience to watch her grow. Yesterday she was helping my husband pull radishes in the garden. He would give her the radishes and ask her to bring them to me. She walks over to me with her cute, stubby legs saying "Mommy, Mommy," in her adorable little voice. She likes to chase the cats and squealing around the house while doing it. She hugs her teddy bear and says, "Nice". She calls her milk "mee-meuw"; and it has to be warmed up or she will hand back her cup and make this sound, "Uh-uyha". I love holding and rocking her before I put her in her crib. She smiles at me with her thumb in her mouth and her pink blankie by her cheek. There's no other feeling like it in the world. I didn't realize I was capable of loving someone so much.

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Janine's Thoughts said...

She is most adorable, with a very loving MaMa