Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meaning of Christmas

I get really tired of the commercialism of Christmas. When people expect a certain amount of money spent for gifts and when they get upset because you can't spend a lot (if any) on presents. All I have to say to them is grow up. If that's all Christmas is to you, then you are selfish. And you don't realize the true meaning of Christmas. In case you forgot:i t's to be with your family and friends and help those less fortunate. To all those who give to get, I genuinely feel sorry for you. Okay ,I will get off my soap box now. Unfortunately I am beginning to not like Christmas, the American way. It's sad. My good memories of Christmas are in the past. I am determined to make it different next year!

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meghan said...

I agree completely. We have tried to start family traditions that focus on the real meaning of Christmas and not the commercial side so that our kids will not grow up focusing on that.