Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fool's

It was April 1 at 1am. Arabella's piercing cries jolted me out of my sleep. For whatever reason she was on a "nursing strike". She had only eated a small amount before going to sleep (which is completely abnormal). I had no other "express milk" in the fridge on back up. Her loud, sad cries just got worse. I had no other choice, she was hungry and she needed to eat, and she would not eat from me. Feeling defeated, I announce to Adam that, "You have to go to Wal-Mart to buy formula." He responded groggily that he had a blinding headache and couldn't go. I am wide awake by this time. I left an unhappy baby and tired husband at home and drove off in the Dakota with bad squeaky breaks. Thankfully I made it there safely. I had NO CLUE what kind of formula to buy because I'd never bought any before. I frantically tried to find the most "organic" kind available. The Wal-Mart employee (who also happened to work at a local hospital) informed me they have no organic formula. Of course not; that'd be too easy. She did tell me that I should call the hospital and ask for the maternity wing nurses. She even had the number memorized. I called them to get advice on what kind of formula to buy for a breasfed only baby. I got a unsympathetic nurse who said, "There was no organic formula when I had a baby..." Whatever. I thought nurses were supposed to help! All the formula I found had vegetable oil in it. Ew! Finally I just grabbed "Nestle's Good Start" off the shelf and ran to the check out lane.

I flung open the door at home only to find silence. Silence. She had fallen back to sleep! I had wasted all that time at stupid Wal-Mart for nothing. By this time there was NO WAY I could fall back to sleep. I think I finally calmed down enough to drift off around 3am. 4am she's crying again! I got her to eat a little from me, but not enough. I had to make the disguisting formula. Fortunatelly, she took only 2 oz of the stuff. And thank God the rest of the day she only got better with each nursing and ended up fine!

Adam called and said he was going to be late because he was putting new break pads and a roter on the truck. Yay! This day was looking up. I made a chicken dish in the oven and waited for him to come home. "I have something in my eye," he says when he got home. I thought nothing of it and got his dinner ready for him. Then he called me from upstairs to check out his eye. He had a little metal thing stuck in his iris! After trying several times and failing to remove the object we headed for the emergency room. Thankfully, we only had to wait for about 20 min! that's a miracle in itself! The doctor had to numb Adam's eye and stick a needle in it to remove the piece of metal. It was nerve wracking. Once the ordeal was over we went to the pharmacy to get an antibiotic eyedrop perscription. Once we got home Adam said now his left eye was starting to bother him. Low and behold he had ANOTHER piece of metal in his eye! Adam refused to go back to the ER. (It took about 2 days for the speck to work its way out).

What made this day worth all the hassle was the incident that happened that afternoon. I was blowing air on Arabella's tummy. She was smiling as big as could be...when all the sudden she let out the cutest little laugh!! It was the first time she'd ever done it. It was the cutest thing; and made all the craziness of the day disappear!

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Michael Johnson said...

It's the little things that make your day. :)